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Create Relationships

Sell More Homes 


The Consumer Has More Information Than Ever

Join the conversation and grant them access to the homes they’re browsing.

Be At The Right Place At The Right Time

“75% of home buyers choose the first agent they interview.”
– National Association of Realtors

Join The Conversation Early In The Process

The share of home buyers who used the internet to search for a home increased to an all-time high of 97%.

Trusted By Agents At These Fine Companies


“We closed 6 transactions in the first 4 months!”

Heather U. – Pendleton, In

“We met Chris & Brandon at Tom Ferry Summit, 7 Days later we got our 1st Facebook Listing Appointment $400K with less than $100 spend –

Michelle & Steve R. – Oro Valley, AZ 

“I picked up 2 super 🔥🔥 investors and one client in my first month –

Leonard G. – Kennewick , WA 

“I actually sold my own home using the system back in the fall.”

Christopher B. – Vineland, NJ

“After two weeks with Chris, I took my Facebook ads away from BoomTown all together.”

Chasity R. – El Paso, TX

“This is a way to take control of lead generation and do it for a very low cost in comparison”

Danny P. – Las Vegas, NV

“I got a $450,000 deal on the beach playing with my kids – This is my ONE thing… Take traditional advice and throw it out the window!”

Chris C. – Woodstock, GA

“Most people aren’t ready to convert right away. I have converted 6 and have about 10 more in the next 6 months.-

Ron M.- Baltimore, MD

“I closed one without ever meeting until closing day, crazy 🤯 –

Hilary R. – Appleton, WI

“I spent yesterday with a wounderful family showing them homes, they came from the ad. It Works!!! –

Rachel F. – Erie, CO

“Book Me Solid helps me find buyers for my listings enabling me to make double ending deals a regular thing. $80k in new commissions so far!

George O. – Naples, FL

“if you’re running campaigns on Facebook with the goal of setting an appointment, you’re doing it wrong. Your goal for running campaigns should be to have conversations and create relationships

Nick B. – Clarkston, MI

“I can’t keep up. Got 2 buyers under contract & 1 listing off my first 2 ads

Bill B. – Charlottee, NC

“Here’s one thing I am certain of, it’s definitely put me in conversations with potential buyers. And that always leads to closings. Nothing in real estate is a quick fix. Takes time.-

TJ McGraw, The Agent Mind Podcast. – Fayetteville, GA

DIY Lead Generation Isn’t For Everyone…

You Can’t Do Everything On Your Own…

That just makes you tired, broke, and lonely

“No leads means no sales.” – Gary Keller

Successful Agents Leverage Other People’s Time & Expertise…

You can too.

Take the guesswork out & leverage our proven systems to start 1,000s of conversations each week so you can build relationships & sell more homes.

Create More Freedom In Your Life… Be Where Your Feet Are

Join the conversation on your terms 

No more “on-call” during family time

 Looking for a Quality Source of Inbound Property Buyer Leads?

Built for Realtors by a Realtor

Many realtors face challenges when it comes to generating online leads, and this can result in missed sales opportunities, along with significant time and financial investments. At Book Me Solid, we have the solution.

We empower agents to achieve instant leverage, effortlessly engaging in more sales conversations and closing deals while still prioritizing meaningful relationships.

Cheers 🥂 To Less Stress & More Success!

Buyer & Sellers are waiting..

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100% Done For You, No Monthly Contracts, Guaranteed 50 Leads or your money back

Before You Order (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Do I Get With My $300 Order?

For $300.00 we’ll build out: 

  Facebook Ad Setup (Ad copy, targeting, images/video)

  ManyChat Setup (Turn a listing into conversations)

  Help with one-time onboarding if needed (Schedule Zoom call here)

  “Humanizing the Conversation Guide” (20+ follow up conversation starters) 

What will the Facebook Ad Look Like?

Here’s a few examples: 

How Does The Ad Start A Warm Conversation?

Leads Are introduced to your listing via a Facebook Ad If they request more information by clicking the “learn more” button we’ll send all the details over to them in messenger, connecting you one-on-one with the consumer. You can chat them up from your mobile app or desktop anytime you like.

Can I Customize The Conversation?

Yes! You can add a selfie video or voice recording x amount of time after the lead stops responding for $200


If you’d like to customize the conversation more you’ll need to upgrade your plan:

✅  Own the system for life and customize as much as you want

✅  Have 1 on 1 coaching access to Chris & Brandon

✅  1-Hour Masterclass

Our Masterclass teaches you the step by step process of how to build your own ads to start more conversations with buyers and sellers. Give your assistant or ISA a proven system to generate your own leads in-house 🥳

✅  Order ads in bulk

3 Pack – $500 | 5 Pack – $800 | 10 Pack – $1500 | Unlimited – $2500/month

*Book a call to learn more about how you can customize your conversation*

Can I Generate Seller Leads?

Yes, Absolutely!

The majority of consumers are not CASH buyers. Most buyers, especially those looking for a larger home, need to sell their current home first. Details come out naturally in the conversations. We see it all the time 😉  

What Do I Need to Get Started?

To get started you need the following:

1 ) A Facebook Business Page – Create a Facebook business Page in minutes.
2 ) A Facebook Ad Account – Your Guide to Facebook Business Manager
3 ) A ManyChat Pro Account* – We’ll guide you thru ManyChat Pro Setup during your on-boarding.
4 ) A Listing to use as a conversation starter (virtual open house) – Ask your broker or a listing agent in your office. Most have no problem with you using a listing to generate leads (free advertising for them, leads for you… Win / Win

How Long Does One Time On-Boarding Take?

On-Boarding takes only minutes.

After your payment is successful you will recieve an email with our 5 step on-boarding process guiding you thru setup.

Are There Monthly Fees?

Order ads as you need them, however A ManyChat PRO account is required to run Facebook Messenger ads and costs $10/month re-occuring.
Learn More About ManyChat Pricing

Do I Need To Know How To Run Facebook Ads to Make This Work For Me?

No, we take care of the Facebook Ad Setup for you. *No previous experience required*

How Much Should I Budget / How Long Can My Ad Run?

After purchasing you will fill out your ad duration & daily budget:

Duration: 7, 14, or 30 days

Daily Budget: $10, $15, or $20 

Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself ✋🏻

Parter with Book Me Solid and we will remove the technical hurdles you’ve been stuck on enabling you to spend more time generating new clients and more income rather than becoming a broke marketing guru 🚀

Returning Customer? 

“I picked up 2 super 🔥🔥 investors and one client in my first month –

Leonard G. – Kennewick , WA 

“I spent yesterday with a wounderful family showing them homes, they came from the ad. It Works!!! –

Rachel F. – Erie, CO


Get Started Today For Only $300.00