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Success Stories, Are You Next?

“5 Buyer Appointments in the first week off $90 ad spend.”
– Tom H. – Scranton Pennsylvania

“1 Conversation is going to generate 3/4 of $1,000,000 . If you’re on the fence, hop in before everyone and their mother does!”
– Chris T. – Stuart, FL

“Hours after launching first ad had a buyer go thru the sequence and she is ready to go, only cost me $5.50”

-Sam Thana – Clinton, MD






  “I got 2 leads and took one out so far and taking another out for a listing appointment”

– Ron M. – Baltimore, MD


“We closed 6 transactions in the first 4 months & have 51 nurtures we’re working with that will close within the next 6 months”

– Heather U. – Pendleton Indiana

“I actually sold my own house back in the fall using the Listing Bot 2.0”

– Christopher B. – Vineland, New Jersey