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You Got Into Real Estate To Create More Free Time & Make More Money But. . .

You Can’t Do Everything On Your Own…

That just makes you tired, broke and lonely

“No leads means no sales.” – Gary Keller

Successful Agents Leverage Other People’s Time…

You can too. Partner with Book Me Solid

We’ll take care of the technical and start conversations with buyers and sellers for you, so you can focus on building the relationships.

Do Less, Be More, Make An Impact

Be where your feet are

We make it simple for you to to help those in your community buy and sell and build a legacy.

DIY Lead Generation Isn’t For Everyone…

Most realtors struggle generating online leads. Not only that, they miss sales while wasting lots of time and money trying to figure it out. At Book Me Solid we help agents create instant leverage by making it easy to join more sales conversations and close more deals without sacrificing relationships.

Cheers 🥂 To Less Stress & More Success!

– Chris & Brandon

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“I got a $450,000 deal on the beach playing with my kids – This is my ONE thing… Take traditional advice and throw it out the window!”

Chris C. – Woodstock, GA

Leave the Status Quo Behind, Become a Top Producer 💰

Be at the right place at the right time

“75% of home buyers choose the first agent they interview.”
– National Association of Realtors

Join The Conversation Early in the Process

The share of home buyers who used the internet to search for a home increased to an all-time high of 97%.

Record High Screen Time Increases Home Buyer & Seller Intent

We make it simple for you to make a difference and an income.

The Consumer Has More Information Than Ever

Join the conversation and grant them access to the homes they’re browsing.


“After two weeks with Chris, I took my Facebook ads away from BoomTown all together.”

Chasity R. – El Paso, TX

“I actually sold my own home using the system back in the fall.”

Christopher B. – Vineland, NJ

“We closed 6 transactions in the first 4 months”

Heather U. – Pendleton In

“This is a way to take control of lead generation and do it for a very low cost in comparison”

Danny P. – Las Vegas, NV

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**Facebook Ad Spend NOT INCLUDED**

Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself ✋🏻

Parter with Book Me Solid and we will remove the technical hurdles you’ve been stuck on enabling you to spend more time generating new clients and more income rather than becoming a broke marketing guru 🚀

Returning Customer? 

Get Started Today For Only $300.00 $500 During the Month of May

Fill out the form below. Select the Listing you want to promote – set a budget – we’ll take care of the rest! No monthly contracts, order as needed



For $300.00 we’ll run your choice of 

🎯  Promote A Listing / Start 100’s of conversations with buyers and sellers in your area. (includes Messenger Automation)

🎯  Build Your Brand / Audience with a Video Ad (You choose call to action – (send us a message or drive traffic to a landing page)

🎯  Retargeting – Get back infront of past clients , website visitors and your sphere (stay top of mind) 

Do I Need To Know How To Run Facebook Ads to Make This Work For Me?

No, we take care of the Facebook Ad Setup for you. *No previous experience required*

What Do I Need to Get Started?

To get started you need the following:

1 ) A Facebook Business Page 2 ) A Facebook Ad Account 3 ) A Listing to use as a conversation starter (virtual open house) 4 ) A ManyChat Pro Account * * We’ll guide you thru A ManyChat Pro Setup during your on-boarding.

Need help creating a Facebook Business Page?

Create a Facebook business Page in minutes.

Need help creating a Facebook Ad Account?

Your Guide to Facebook Business Manager

Need a listing to promote?

Ask your broker or a listing agent in your office. Most have no problem with you using a listing to generate leads (free advertising for them, leads for you… Win / Win

How Long Does On-Boarding Take? What Do I Need?

On-Boarding takes only minutes.

After your payment is successful you will recieve an email with our 5 step on-boarding process guiding you thru setup.

We will need admin access to the following:

🎯 Your ManyChat Pro account

🎯 Your Facebook Business Page

🎯 Your Facebook Ad Account

This is a one time setup. Each time you return to order more listing ads, we’ll only need your budget, duration of ad and link to the listing, we’ll take care of the rest.

We make it as painless as possible so you can get out there and close more deals instead of worrying about spending hours setting up the tech.

If you have any questions we’re only a click away. Scroll up ☝🏻 to the top of the page and ask your pre sales questions 😀

I Don't Have A Listing, Can I Borrow Another Agent's Listing?

Yes, Absolutely! Just get it approved by the listing agent first. NO one turns downs free advertising.

How Much Should I Budget To Promote A Listing?

You can get started for as low as $10 per day.

Are There Monthly Fees?

Order ads as you need them, however A ManyChat PRO account is required to run Facebook Messenger ads and costs $10/month re-occuring.
Learn More About ManyChat Pricing

How Do Leads Interact With The System?

Leads Are introduced to your listing via a Facebook Ad If they request more information by clicking the “learn more” button we’ll send all the details over to them in messenger, connecting you one-on-one with the consumer. You can chat them up from your mobile app or desktop anytime you like.

Can I Generate Seller Leads?

Yes, Absolutely! This is achieved by selecting a move up home to promote. Not everyone is a CASH buyer, Most need to sell before they can purchase

What’s that look like

Can You Help Me With Retargeting

Yes, Absolutely! We can help you retarget your Sphere, past website visitors, those who’ve watched your videos on Facebook and more..