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There Is A Big Problem In The Real Estate Market Right Now

Actually 3 BIG Problems


Referrals are not predictable or guaranteed. Without a system in place to keep your pipeline primed, you’re building your house on sand. He who has the leads has the business.


Shared commission is increasing every day35% today might be 40% tomorrow. Almost half of your commission goes to someone else yet you do all the work!


You have zero follow up systems in place & people forget you’re even in real estate. Are you a secret agent?

How Many Of You Can Relate To One Of These Two Scenarios?


1) I’m an expert in my field but outside my sphere I can’t seem to get new clients that know, like, & trust me in a systematic way.


2) I’m lost in a sea of webinars, new tools & gurus that I don’t trust. I just want a solution that works

We’re Going To Put An End To All Of This, Right Here & Now – Without Wasting Anymore Time


🎯 There is a way for you to become the go-to agent in your area without creating and posting content all day, every day

🎯 There is a simple solution that removes the need for endless webinars and confusing advise from internet gurus

 The Sales Conversation Has Changed… So Should Your Strategy

Let’s talk about the old versus the new way of buying and selling a home.

In past years, buyers had limited information & limited options. Those were simpler times…


Now the tables have turned, the consumer has more information and more choices than ever before.  Big box companies are taking advantage and leading the user experience, giving them the instant gratification they’re looking for so they don’t have to go elsewhere.


But at what cost to you? 35% of your hard earned commission if you want to join them, but after paying your broker, what’s left? Pennies but you didn’t sign up for that. You don’t want to be on-call. You got into real estate for FREEDOM & MONEY but you found yourself working 80 hours a week, creating landing pages, contact forms, zaps, widgets, doodads… blah blah blah


Those time suckers distract you vs going out on appointments and closing more deals. It’s time to break the cycle and take back your time. No more webinars for you!


We’re going to introduce you to the one and only tool you need to be successful in today’s marketplace.  It’s conversational and familiar, doesn’t require you to drop everything you’re doing, and you’re already using it daily to chat with your friends and family.

Introducing… The Book Me Solid System

What’s In It For Me?

🔥 We start the conversation 

We’ll take your listing and turn it into an automated messenger conversation.

🔥 We take care of ad setup

We’ll make sure buyers and sellers see the home and encourage them to request more information via messenger.  (Priceless)

🔥 No waiting start chatting  

Time is of the essence! We launch your ad in less than 24 hours Mon-Fri.



🔥 Learn how to convert step by step

Simple easy to follow videos from soup to nuts. We want to equip you with everything you need to have massive success and take your real estate business to the next level.

🔥 Get Our Proven Follow Up Scripts

Don’t know what to say? “Humanizing the Conversation Cheat Sheet” (20+ follow up conversation starters)

🔥 Access to Our Community

Network & Mastermind with other Book Me Solid users


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“We met Chris & Brandon at Tom Ferry Summit, 7 Days later we got our 1st Facebook Listing Appointment $400K with less than $100 spend”

Michelle & Steve R. – Oro Valley, AZ 

“I got a $450,000 deal on the beach playing with my kids – This is my ONE thing… Take traditional advice and throw it out the window!”

Chris C. – Woodstock, GA

“I picked up 2 super 🔥🔥 investors and one client in my first month”

Leonard G. – Kennewick , WA 

Fill Your Pipeline Today!!

🚫 No Monthly Contracts

What Do I Need to Get Started?

To get started you need the following:

Facebook Business Page

In order to run ads, you need a Facebook Business Page. Setup takes only minutes… Google it!

Facebook Ad Account

Don’t have an ad account? No worries, we will walk you thru setup during our on-boarding process.

ManyChat Pro

Takes only a few minutes to signup, we walk you thru it during onboarding. ManyChat Pro costs $15/month.

No Listing?

No worries, consider this a virtual open house. Ask other agents or your broker if you can borrow one to generate buyer / seller leads.

Fill Your Pipeline Today!!

🚫 No Monthly Contracts

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Facebook Ad Look Like?

Here's a few examples: 

Can I Customize The Conversation?

Yes! You can add a selfie video or voice recording x amount of time after the lead stops responding for $200


If you'd like to customize the conversation more you'll need to upgrade your plan: ($4,000.00 One Time Investment)

✅  Own the system for life and customize as much as you want

✅  Have 1 on 1 coaching access to Chris & Brandon

✅  1-Hour Masterclass

Our Masterclass teaches you the step by step process of how to build your own ads to start more conversations with buyers and sellers. Give your assistant or ISA a proven system to generate your own leads in-house 🥳

✅  Done For You - Bulk Price Discount : We Will take care of the build out for you.

3 Pack - $500 | 5 Pack - $800 | 10 Pack - $1500 | Unlimited - $2500/month

*Book a call to learn more about how you can customize your conversation*

Can I Generate Seller Leads?

Yes, Absolutely!

The majority of consumers are not CASH buyers. Most buyers, especially those looking for a larger home, need to sell their current home first. Details come out naturally in the conversations. We see it all the time 😉  

How Long Does Book Me Solid On-Boarding Take?

On-Boarding takes only minutes.

After your payment is successful you will recieve an email with our 5 step on-boarding process guiding you thru setup.

Do I Need To Know How To Run Facebook Ads to Make This Work For Me?

No, we take care of the Facebook Ad Setup for you. *No previous experience required*

Are There Monthly Fees?

Order ads as you need them, however A ManyChat PRO account is required to run Facebook Messenger ads and costs $15/month recurring.

Learn More About ManyChat Pricing

How Much Should I Budget / How Long Can My Ad Run?

After purchasing you will fill out your ad duration & daily budget:

Duration: 7, 14, or 30 days

Daily Budget: $10, $15, or $20 

What If I Don't Have A Listing?

Don't worry, listings can be borrowed! You can borrow one from your friends, broker, or other brokerages - just be sure to check with the listing owner first!

Buyer & Sellers are waiting.. Start Today!!

🚫 No Monthly Contracts

Trusted By Agents At These Fine Companies

What Realtors Are Saying 🙌

“We closed 6 transactions in the first 4 months!”

Heather U. – Pendleton, In

“We met Chris & Brandon at Tom Ferry Summit, 7 Days later we got our 1st Facebook Listing Appointment $400K with less than $100 spend”

Michelle & Steve R. – Oro Valley, AZ 

“I picked up 2 super 🔥🔥 investors and one client in my first month”

Leonard G. – Kennewick , WA 

“I actually sold my own home using the system back in the fall.”

Christopher B. – Vineland, NJ

“After two weeks with Chris, I took my Facebook ads away from BoomTown all together.”

Chasity R. – El Paso, TX

“This is a way to take control of lead generation and do it for a very low cost in comparison”

Danny P. – Las Vegas, NV

“I got a $450,000 deal on the beach playing with my kids – This is my ONE thing… Take traditional advice and throw it out the window!”

Chris C. – Woodstock, GA

“Most people aren’t ready to convert right away. I have converted 6 and have about 10 more in the next 6 months.”

Ron M.- Baltimore, MD

“I closed one without ever meeting until closing day, crazy! 🤯 –

Hilary R. – Appleton, WI

“I spent yesterday with a wonderful family showing them homes, they came from the ad. It Works!!!”

Rachel F. – Erie, CO

“Book Me Solid helps me find buyers for my listings enabling me to make double ending deals a regular thing. $80k in new commissions so far!”

George O. – Naples, FL

“If you’re running campaigns on Facebook with the goal of setting an appointment, you’re doing it wrong. Your goal for running campaigns should be to have conversations and create relationships

Nick B. – Clarkston, MI

“I can’t keep up. Got 2 buyers under contract & 1 listing off my first 2 ads”

Bill B. – Charlotte, NC

“Here’s one thing I am certain of, it’s definitely put me in conversations with potential buyers. And that always leads to closings. Nothing in real estate is a quick fix. Takes time.”

TJ McGraw, The Agent Mind Podcast. – Fayetteville, GA

Get out of the weeds and start selling more homes 

Most realtors struggle generating online leads. Not only that, they miss sales while wasting lots of time and money trying to figure it out. At Book Me Solid we help agents create instant leverage by making it easy to join more sales conversations and close more deals without sacrificing relationships.

Cheers 🥂 To Less Stress & More Success!

- Chris & Brandon