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Get The Automation Systems You Need To Scale Your Real Estate Business WITHOUT 10x’ing Your Work Load!

Setup New Listings in Minutes.

Quickly Add photos, video walkthroughs, property descriptions, links and more. This template is optimized for you to easily plug and play.

 Start Instant Conversation – No wait time!

Manage dozens or even hundreds of conversations taking place at once inbound from your Facebook Ads

 Get Notified When Your Lead Asks for Help

You will be instantly notified via email and Messenger whenever someone does something that requires you to step in.

Build A Database 

Scale with paid traffic for as low as $0.39 / Subscriber. Open Rates 80%+. Tag Users, Create Follow Up Sequences. Broadcast messages to all users with a few clicks of the mouse.


“Finally, Have Success… Not Just Leads”

Questions Others Have Asked

I don’t have a listing right now, can I market another agents listing?

Yes, Absolutely! Just get it approved by the listing agent first. NO one turns downs free advertising.

Is the system customizable/editable?

Yes, Absolutely! Once the Listing Bot Templates have been added to your ManyChat account, everything is there for you to tweak and change if you desire. It is a very user friendly program.

Is there a monthly cost?

The Listing Bot 2.0 is a one time investment, However A ManyChat PRO account is required to run The Listing Bot 2.0 and costs $10/month.
Learn More About ManyChat Pricing

Can I integrate the bot with a CRM?

Absolutely!, ManyChat integrates to MOST CRMS & IDX Websites using Zapier. Real Geeks, BoomTown, Real Estate Webmasters, Easy Agent Pro are just a few… Check Zapier.com to make sure your CRM is listed if this is something your interested in.

Do I need to know how to run Facebook Ads?

No The training will lead you step by step thru the Facebook Ad Setup. No previous experience required.

How Much Should I Budget For Monthly Facebook Ads?

You can get started for as low as $5 per day.

How do leads interact with the bot?

Leads Are introduced to your listing via a Facebook Ad The prospect is then subscribed as they request more information on your listing. We walk you thru a 3 step video setup. If you can follow directions, you can run a Facebook ad that generates 100’s of leads each month.

Is there a 33 touch follow up system?

No, Messenger is much more intimate than email. We’ve found that if you hit someone that many times and they are actually reading the message it typically makes them mad and they unsubscribe. Therefor we have 1 initial follow up while the prospect is viewing the listing (Perfect time to start a conversation). This quickly filters intent. We recommend setting a side a few minutes in the evening to humanize the follow up if no action is taken on the prospects side.

Is this a template?

Yes, This is a custom ManyChat real estate template. System in a box if you will. You will need a ManyChat Pro account to utilize The Listing Bot 2.0. It includes step by step video directions to help you hit the ground running and have your first listing live on Facebook in less than an hour an hour with our 3 step process.

Can I retarget people who start conversations and do not finish them?

Absolutely ManyChat Allows you to export users based on their interactions with the conversation flow. This means you can become very very relative with retargeting Facebook Ads.

Is There A Done For You Service?

You are a busy agent. We get it.. We want to facilitate your needs and bridge the gap. We know many agents simply do not have time to learn / implement a new strategy. We got you.. We offer a done for you solution order listing by listing with no monthly contract required only @ $250/ Listing + Your Ad Spend.

What does on-boarding look like?

Takes only minutes, once you click the “YES, I WANT TO AUTOMATE MY BUSINESS!” button, messenger will open and prompt you for your payment information. After payment is successful you will be greeted with a welcome video showing you how to give us access to your Manychat account. Once we have access, we will get the templates installed for you within 24 hours and you will be off to the races. If you have any questions we’re only a click away scroll down 👇🏻 to the bottom of the page and ask your questions 😀

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