Traditional and print media advertising are no longer the most effective way to reach people. Advertising through coupon books or newspaper classifieds does little, if anything at all, to bring you quality patrons who provide longevity and reliability. Billboard advertising leaves you to question your return on investment; are my ads reaching the right audience?

In my hometown of Woodstock, GA, a local coupon circular charges $450 for a 3 month, full-page advertisement. The company brags that they produce 58,000 copies of their circular each month. Despite this attractive number being used to reel in new customers, when pressed about the efficiency of these circulars, their rep admitted that of the 58,000 they printed, typically 15,000 to 20,000 copies were returned to them each month. This means these circulars have very little reach, convert very few readers into quality customers, and quite frankly, lack in overall value. Without polling, it would be difficult to measure the amount of paid customers gained from using a tool such as a coupon circular. The same is true for newspaper classified ads, which were once the ideal place to promote your services. With the move from print media to digital alternatives, newspaper advertising is now shelved among other outdated advertising techniques.

Depending on placement, billboard ads can be extremely costly. The least expensive billboard space in the metro-Atlanta area cost $3,000 a month for a 10 ft x 36 ft ad. This was the cost for a small billboard in a disadvantageous location; for more desirable sizes and locations, the cost can be far greater. Although billboards do have reach, there is no way to measure their circulation, demographics of the viewership, or to quantify those who were impressed enough to purchase based on the billboard ad.  Billboards are most ideal for advertising a location, such as a restaurant along the highway; or to boost brand awareness for already recognizable trademarks, like The Home Depot. If your business doesn’t fall into one of these two categories, billboard advertising isn’t going to be the wisest investment option to get your brand or services in front of the proper audience. Billboards just aren’t actionable enough to spend money on.

Inbound marketing is the cost-effective alternative for modern businesses. This focuses on appealing to consumers via content and communications that are applicable and accommodating, but not interrupting. Potential customers find you via social media, unlike with traditional techniques, which beg for the consumer’s attention. Creating content designed to address the difficulties and desires of your ideal customers attracts quality prospects and develops trust and dependability for your business.

Facebook is the foremost social media outlet. Are you tapping into the potential that this platform provides? Place your ads in front of the people who count most. Through targeted placement, your ads will be strategically positioned to reach the audience you desire; allowing your business to grow at the pace you want, while maintaining a steady influx of clients. Consider the potential of putting your ads in front of consumers who meet very specific perimeters, which you have the power to define. The BookMeSolid system can target your ad to the proper audience based on numerous variables, such as location, sex, income level, interests and more.

BookMeSolid‘s program tracks the flow of customer traffic from your ads, and shows you how effective they are. You can’t get that tracking from other marketing or advertising platforms. There is no way to quantify a return on your traditional advertising investment, but BookMeSolid can do just that! Reach a new audience, the one you’ve been wanting!

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