Meet Buyers & Sellers Where They Are...

Their News Feeds… 6,7, 8 Hours Per Day During Quaranteen

“Screen Time Reports Are Through The Roof” – The Washington Post

“1 Conversation is going to generate 3/4 of $1,000,000. If you’re on the fence, hop in before everyone and their mother does!” – Chris T. – Stuart FL

Reach Buyers & Sellers In A Whole New Way

Bad Phone Numbers & Fake Names are a thing of the past

Convert Leads Up To 5X Faster

With 80% open rate and 25% CTR, messenger beats every other channel

Engage Prospects

Build relationships with one on one coversations using messenger.

Save Money

Stop paying $5+ For Bad Phone Number + Email. Connect With Real Prospects Using Messenger


Send us a link to your Listing

Can either be your personal website or a link from your MLS.


you hop in messenger and do your thing

As prospects raise their hand you follow up with them in messenger.

We'll Build out your AD

Including Photos / Descriptions / Links Back To Your Listing That is All Delivered Via Messenger 

“Screen Time Reports Are Through The Roof” – The Washington Post

Requirements To Get Started

Facebook Business Page

All Ads Will Run From This Page

Facebook Ad Account

$10 Ad Spend / Listing Per Day

ManyChat Pro Account

Starting @ $10/Month


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