Over $41,000 Real Estate Commission in the first 90 days

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Geba McDaniel: Geba is a real estate agent for Keller William Realty. She has been in business for 11 years. In the past she has relied on Zilliow, mailers, and her personal network to generate leads for her business. She knew there was some opportunity on social media, but was unaware of how she could use it to grow her business.


Geba wanted to do away with Zillow and rely solely on Facebook & Instagram to generate her leads. She wanted an abundance of buyer leads on monthly bases and wanted to keep a steady flow of leads coming in so that she could grow her business.


Our online marketing strategy proved overwhelmingly effective for Geba in just 90 days. This is best illustrated with the top line metrics which includes 9 closings for a total of $41,000 in real estate commission.

Our Approach:

Understanding Geba’s goal we ran several Facebook Ads targeted toward her ideal buyers. We ran ads targeted toward buyers in her her local area and used a home Buyer Seminar, a downpayment assistance offer, and information on renting vs. buying in order to generate her leads. The amount of leads generated were more than she could have expected.


Gross Commission in 90 Days




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